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In the year 752 the monastery Kempten was founded and in 764 the Benedictine monastery Ottobeuren

In the Middle Ages, many cities were founded in the Allgäu and in the 13th century Memmingen, Kaufbeuren Leutkirch and Kempten were appointed imperial cities.

In the 16th century, the peasants’ war shaped the area, a very early fight for human rights that is still very important for many Allgäu today. 

The History of the Allgäu

The history of the Allgäu has been understandable since the time of Christ’s birth, and of course the inhabitants of the Allgäu are very proud of their history. Anyone lucky enough to meet locals in one of the convivial rounds in a restaurant in the Allgäu will sooner or later hear one or another story from the early days of the Allgäu.

According to Archaeologist

Archaeological finds have proven that already 7000 BC Stone Age people lived in the Allgäu. The first people were proven some 6,000 years later. 500 BC, Celtic tribes began to settle in the Allgäu. As everywhere else in Central Europe, the Romans ruled over the Allgäu and the Roman settlement Cambodunum (near Kempten) was a garrison town. In 233 AD, however, it was destroyed by the Alemanni.

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