About Allgaeu

Surely you have also wondered from where the name Allgäu actually comes from and why it is used for an area that is not officially limited. In my research I came across different theories about the origin of the name. For example, one means that it springs from the combination of the words Alb and göu. Alb is Old High German and means mountain and mountain pasture, and göu is Middle High German and means landscape or area. So an area on the mountain with pastures, a perfectly fitting and harmonious interpretation. Another version of the naming, on the other hand, argues that the second syllable of the name was derived from the word Geäu, which means mountainous landscape with water and greenery. Again, this would be a fitting explanation.

Over the years, the area, which unofficially belongs to the Allgäu, has changed again and again. Sometimes it got bigger, sometimes it got smaller and only those who live in the Allgäu could always offer a reasonably clear demarcation. Sometimes the language was chosen as a feature, sometimes it was the tourist attractiveness that led to the addition of certain cities. Ultimately, the delimitation is the smallest problem. For those who like the landscape and who, like me, like to spend their holidays in the Allgäu, it does not matter if a place belongs to it or not. The main thing is to feel well and be in nature.